The pain that is troubleshooting!

For the last few days I've been trying to help a friend troubleshoot video playback issues on their website. It's a membership website that uses AWS to deliver videos. A member in South America is having trouble viewing content so I offered my help & expertise to troubleshoot the problem. Initially the user reported not [...]

Releasing my thoughts

I realised recently that I've been neglecting my thoughts. Or to be more precise, not releasing them from the confines of my head! Many moons ago I had an active tumblr and a blogspot/blogger for this reason. Both sadly neglected in recent times. So this is an attempt to try again (I've lost count of [...]

Are you ready for Yule in Azeroth?

The Feast of Winter Veil will soon be upon us in Azeroth, are you ready for the achievements? On Xmas day, it's a chance to get some cool companion pets (which, if you stockpile them!, can generate some gold throughout the year). Blizzard has changed them now too so that they don't require snowballs, not [...]