Pilgrim’s Bounty

It’s Pilgrim’s Bounty in Azeroth at the moment – see http://www.wowhead.com/achievements=1.155.14981

A chance to get some achievement points, a cool companion pet, and a title!

Also, the biggest boon from this World Event is that you can quite easily (and cheaply!!) level your cooking skill up to 300 with a bit of travelling (or portal-ing for mages!).

As with Fishing, Cooking is a secondary skill that doesn’t have level requirements for getting to max level 🙂

As with most things, Dugi has it covered here: http://www.ultimatewowguide.com/blog/2011/11/pilgrims-bounty-guide/

There are plenty of other guides out there, but I love Dugi’s guides (my personal preference).


WoW 7th Anniversary

We’re in the middle of the 7th Anniversary, so if you’ve not logged in yet for the Feat of Strength acheivement, then you should!

You’ll get a “tabard” spell in the post that you can re-apply for the duration for 7% reputation and experience. It lasts for an hour and judging on various reports from around the web, it doesn’t stack with the equivalent guild perks so if you happen to be in a low level guild you should be ok. As it boosts rep-gain, now is a good time to get some of your rep bars up closer to exalted (for all you OverAchievers!!)


My time in Azeroth

It’s no surprise to people that know me that I play World of Warcraft. Despite it being an addictive game! it can also be a great social platform (when your friends are online!).

People play it for all different reasons, but usually:

  • Playing the auction house
  • PvP
  • Raiding
  • Levelling

I have to say I do love PvP, but I mainly play the Auction House (AH) and level toons (alts).

My son also loves it, he plays a mean pvp rogue! Though he doesn’t really like the slog of levelling so that’s what I invariably end up doing when he’s not here.

Lately though I’ve been getting back into the AH and trying to make gold. I’ve still got a way to go before I hit the gold cap, but I’m making lots of observations and improving my knowledge constantly, and hopefully I’ll put some of these observations, tips, and help on here.