WordPress observations

So I’ve been looking round WordPress for a few days now; I have looked at it before but never as a user only as looking for a technical solution to someone’s problem.

It’s funny how you become accustomed to certain paradgims when using particular solutions to then move to another solution and find things can be totally different!
Previously all my work has revolved around drupal having been an avid user/contributor/evangelist for 5+ years.

In drupal, everything feels so much more mature than wp. If you need a plugin or a theme it’s pretty easy and quick to find what you’re looking for. Whereas here in wp I’m having to trawl through pages of plugins to find what I want. And then it’s a case of “does it work with this version of wp?” – in drupal you can filter contributed apps by the target version of drupal. If there is an option for this in wp I’m yet to find it.

I’m also finding the admin side of the site a bit unwieldly and not very intuitive, or maybe it’s because I have my developer head on and not my user head?

Despite WordPress having foundations in blogging, just like drupal has if you strip back all the added functionality that keeps getting piled into core, it is a content management system of sorts. There just doesn’t seem to be that much customisation out-of-the-box with wp. Yes, there’s loads of plugins all adding extra functionality and I’m still getting to grips with the power of WordPress, but finding the right plugin for the job is proving to be a job in itself (for me at least!).